Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Book: DogFriendly.com

Taking a trip? Here's an invaluable resource for you!

DogFriendly.com's United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide is a complete guide to all kinds of places where you can take your dog. This 544 page book is packed three columns wide with descriptions of dog-friendly accommodations, attractions, parks, beaches, and outdoor restaurants.

Designed specifically for dog lovers who would simply not enjoy a trip without their best friend this book covers the big cities and vacation spots in all regions of the United States and Canada. In Canada this book includes dog-friendly accommodations throughout Canada, City Guides for Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria and highway guides for the Trans-Canada Highway, Hwy 16, Hwy 401 and Hwy 20.

This book's lodging guide focuses on thousands of accommodations which have no weight limits for dogs and do not require your dog to stay in smoking rooms. You can really feel comfortable knowing your dog is truly welcome at these places. Pet fees are listed and the information is kept current by DogFriendly.com's free online book updates. Also included are Highway Guides showing you places to stop along twenty-five major Interstates so that you can easily find dog-friendly lodging for the night on long trips and a beach guide showing beaches that allow dogs.

The books author Tara Kain founded DogFriendly.com (http://www.dogfriendly.com) in 1998 in order to help people find places to go with their dogs. DogFriendly.com offers a free online collection of thousands of dog-friendly places. DogFriendly.com's mission is to find places that allow well-behaved dogs. Also on the website are dog-friendly events, a dog photo gallery with photos and stories of hundreds of dogs and a regular newsletter about things of interest to people who travel with their dogs.

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