Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dog Philanthropy: Planet Dog

Planet Dog Philanthropy " is dedicated to supporting unique and effective programs taking compassionate action to preserve and restore the natural environment, cultivate animal welfare and foster quality education."

We love good causes, and we love companies that do good by doing well, especially when it comes to dogs!

Says the web site: "In keeping with its mission to initiate ways in which the community may profit, the company created Planet Dog Philanthropy in 2000 in order to fund creative and effective programs in three areas: the environment, animal welfare, and education. A percentage of annual profits from Planet Dog products will help fund Planet Dog Philanthropy, along with donations from both individuals and corporations. Planet Dog Philanthropy is about giving back and helping our earth, our animals and our children through inventive and progressive grantmaking. It is about generating knowledge, developing new solutions to problems and promoting activities that strengthen our communities."

Goals and Objectives include...

Increase awareness, interest and support of issues related to our environment, the well being of our animals, and the education of our children.

Promote activities that enhance and strengthen our communities.

Build partnerships with local, national, and global organizations from which to expand and augment Planet Dog Philanthropy’s mission.

Find out more about Planet Dog Grants. Have you received a grant from Planet Dog? Tell us about it!