Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dogs 24/7

Sounds like a great coffee table book and even better gift for your favorite dog lovers! (Doggie Warning: There is some cat info in here as well...)

From the press release:

In Fall 2004, pet lovers across the world were invited to upload digital photographs of their cats and dogs to and  They responded with an overwhelming 100,000 photographs.  The best of these - along with compelling photos taken by top photojournalists across America - now appear in DOGS 24/7 and CATS 24/7.  Intriguing essays from renowned dog and cat writers, including Mark Derr, James Herriott, and Patricia B. McConnell, complement the photographs.

These books were inspired by Oprah Winfrey who personalized her copy of America 24/7 with a photo of her dogs, Sophie and Solomon, which she proudly displayed on her annual 'Favorite Things' program.  Since then, more than 80,000 Americans have uploaded digital photos to create their own custom covers, one third of which feature pets.  This should come as no surprise since half of American pet lovers (more than 70 million people) say they would choose their pet as their sole companion if stranded on a desert island.  

Now dog lovers can put Max or Molly (the top names for dogs) on the cover of a book that showcases pampered pooches and working dogs, lumbering Great Danes and tiny Yorkies, perfectly groomed show dogs and adorable mutts.  Whether they live on a farm or boat, a penthouse or trailer park, the pooches featured in DOGS 24/7 illustrate humanity's ageless love affair with our canine companions.

Have you ordered one of these books? If so, tell us about it!