Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Season's Greenies!

From a press release:

Greenies®, the first in the green dental dog bone category, is the No. 1 dog treat in the United States for the second straight year. S&M NuTec, LLC, the creator of Greenies, listed 2004 domestic retail sales of the product at $315 million dollars. S&M NuTec is a small independent business headquartered in North Kansas City, employing fewer than 100 people.

“We invented Greenies to eliminate the bad breath of our own dog, Ivan,” co-Founders Joe and Judy Roethelli said. “Bad breath in dogs is a symptom of dental disease, a condition that affects more than 80 percent of dogs over the age of three. Ivan’s breath was so bad that we began experimenting to invent something that would solve the problem.”

Using his background in agricultural science, Joe developed a product that scrapes tartar and plaque off the dogs’ teeth while they are chewing. In less than a month of using Joe’s prototypes, the Roethelli’s noticed a remarkable improvement in Ivan’s breath. Now that they had a product, the Roethelli’s needed a name. The use of chlorophyll gave the product its characteristic green color and that made the naming process easy – Greenies were born.

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