Thursday, November 23, 2006


The holiday shopping season is fast approaching--and we can't forget about our pets. With over 10 million pets lost a year--one of the best gifts a pet owner can give and receive is the one of piece of mind.

GlobalPetFinder, is a device for pets that utilizes GPS technology and two-way wireless to help owners keep track of their pets. This five-ounce device snaps securely and comfortably onto a pet's collar and automatically reports the exact location of the pet directly to an owner's wireless device of choice (cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, or computer).

GlobalPetFinder allows you to set a 100-yard boundary on the device itself simply by pushing the 'fence' button. Members can program in their home fence and up to 5 additional fence locations for the park, beach, and summer home or wherever you and your pet may travel. If your pet wanders outside the boundary you have determined, you will be alerted immediately and sent the continuously updated, exact location of your pet.

GlobalPetFinder also monitors the environmental temperature for your pet. Owners will be alerted if temperature conditions become dangerously hot or cold for pet.

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