Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dogorama Lives On!

First, I'd like to say we are back at Dogorama. After the death of Chewie, our beloved first Chihuahua and honorary host of this site on December 18, we have had a hard time getting motivated to resume work here. But there are doggie products to test and promote so we are back We are still devastated and grief stricken - especially since we figured out that he didn't have a brain tumor but instead had succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning - but the show must go on in memory of Chewbacca the Great.

Soon to be taking the hosting spot will be Pancho Villa, Dog Wonder. Pancho is a red Chihuahua (we don't know - the vet said he was red, not tan but he looks tan to us) who blossomed from a bony 5 pounds when we got him from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in 2003 to a robust, hearty 8 pounds today. He will soon star in his own illustrated children's book series aptly called "The Adventures of Pancho, Chihuahua" (probably not the Adventures of Pancho Villa because people may think it is about a large Mexican revolutionary.)

So what are we waiting for? On with the show!