Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ernie's Passing

My second oldest Chihuahua, Ernie, died at the end of September. He was exhibiting puzzling symptoms, similar to the ones Chewie had, including pacing, walking into walls, having difficulty standing, especially while eating. The vet, of course, said it was probably cancer - a brain tumor. Seems like the most common diagnosis for dogs with odd behavior.

Needless to say, his health was deteriorating. He lost weight and went from 11 lbs last year to 8 lbs and dropping. He was skin and bones. We finally put him down because he couldn't eat unless I spoon fed him and even then it was difficult.

His death ends the era of 3 Chihuahuas. He and Chewie were my constant companions, traveling with me acround the country for a year from Sept 2000 to Nov 2001 (see RVGirl.com for details).

Now it is just Pancho and Ebb, the Black Lab.

I'm gearing up to start updating Dogorama again. I know I've said this before and updates have been intermittent at best. But I am doing this in memory of my two beloved Chihuahuas. So watch out for new content - news, dog products, dogs items, and other dog related stuff. Remember, it is All Dogs, All the Time.