Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ultimate Pet Peripherals

UK Men's magazine T3 has a fun article about
Ultimate Pet Peripherals


The top 10 animal accessories every pet lover should own.

Pet mobile
Keep in contact with needy pooches by giving your mutt a dog 'n' bone. It's a pet-friendly mobile that works like any regular cell phone, so you can talk to your dog no matter where you are. You can also use it to make calls while out walking, plus it has GPS so you can track your hairy pal down if they ever do a runner.

For those of you not familiar with "dog 'n' bone,' that's Cockney for 'telephone.'

This next one is awesome!


Canine costume
All dogs look pretty much the same -  those fur coats and wet noses. Make your pet stand out from the pack with a kitsch dog costume, dressing them up as your favourite Star Wars character or superhero. But while a canine Super Woman cossie is funny, sticking Fido in Princess Leia's gold bikini from Return of the Jedi is just wrong.

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