Thursday, November 23, 2006


The holiday shopping season is fast approaching--and we can't forget about our pets. With over 10 million pets lost a year--one of the best gifts a pet owner can give and receive is the one of piece of mind.

GlobalPetFinder, is a device for pets that utilizes GPS technology and two-way wireless to help owners keep track of their pets. This five-ounce device snaps securely and comfortably onto a pet's collar and automatically reports the exact location of the pet directly to an owner's wireless device of choice (cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, or computer).

GlobalPetFinder allows you to set a 100-yard boundary on the device itself simply by pushing the 'fence' button. Members can program in their home fence and up to 5 additional fence locations for the park, beach, and summer home or wherever you and your pet may travel. If your pet wanders outside the boundary you have determined, you will be alerted immediately and sent the continuously updated, exact location of your pet.

GlobalPetFinder also monitors the environmental temperature for your pet. Owners will be alerted if temperature conditions become dangerously hot or cold for pet.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Sherpa Pet Carrier

If you travel with your small canine companion, this is really the definitive dog carrier that is airline approved. Slides easily underneath the seat in front of you.

I also used to take Chewie and Ernie in their Sherpa bag into stores, bars, even restaurants (shhhh...don't tell!) as well as on the subway, in taxis and at parties.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Beauty of the Breeds

From now until March 1, 2007, dog owners nationwide can enter the contest by registering and uploading a photo and/or home video of their dog at along with a short description of what makes their dog beautiful.

Each month, six winners will be chosen – one each in the small, medium, and large dog categories for both photo and video – to win a one-month supply of Eukanuba Customized Nutrition.

Monthly winners will be automatically entered into the grand prize contest for the chance to win a year’s supply of Eukanuba Customized Nutrition and the chance to have their dog featured in a Eukanuba advertisement.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ernie's Passing

My second oldest Chihuahua, Ernie, died at the end of September. He was exhibiting puzzling symptoms, similar to the ones Chewie had, including pacing, walking into walls, having difficulty standing, especially while eating. The vet, of course, said it was probably cancer - a brain tumor. Seems like the most common diagnosis for dogs with odd behavior.

Needless to say, his health was deteriorating. He lost weight and went from 11 lbs last year to 8 lbs and dropping. He was skin and bones. We finally put him down because he couldn't eat unless I spoon fed him and even then it was difficult.

His death ends the era of 3 Chihuahuas. He and Chewie were my constant companions, traveling with me acround the country for a year from Sept 2000 to Nov 2001 (see for details).

Now it is just Pancho and Ebb, the Black Lab.

I'm gearing up to start updating Dogorama again. I know I've said this before and updates have been intermittent at best. But I am doing this in memory of my two beloved Chihuahuas. So watch out for new content - news, dog products, dogs items, and other dog related stuff. Remember, it is All Dogs, All the Time.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Alexandria, VA, November 2 - On Friday, November 3, 40 puppies rescued from the north of Israel by the Alexandria, VA-based Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI) during the conflict with Hezbollah will arrive at JFK airport, eager for a chance at a new home in the U.S. The puppies, all around 4 months old, will be boarded at shelters throughout the Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland area, including the Montgomery County Humane Society, and the Arlington and Alexandria Animal Welfare Leagues, while they make appearances at adoption events.

"We reunited many puppies with their original families, and placed more with new families in Israel, but adoptions go slowly there," says Nina Natelson, CHAI's Director. "We want to give them the best opportunity we can to find homes, so we are bringing them here."

Through its sister charity in Israel, Hakol Chai, CHAI distributed over 12 tons of food, hundreds of water bowls, vaccines, leashes and other supplies to evacuated areas during the conflict, and rescued many animals from deserted homes and streets across the north after residents fled to bomb shelters. CHAI is grateful to Best Friends Animal Society of Utah for their support of its rescue efforts, and for providing volunteers to greet, feed, water, clean and exercise the puppies upon their arrival at El Al Cargo at JFK. The puppies are arriving on El Al flight 001, scheduled to land at 5:50 AM on Friday.

To see photos of the puppies up for adoption and dates of scheduled adoption events, see or contact the organization on (703) 370-0333.