Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dog Philanthropy: Planet Dog

Planet Dog Philanthropy " is dedicated to supporting unique and effective programs taking compassionate action to preserve and restore the natural environment, cultivate animal welfare and foster quality education."

We love good causes, and we love companies that do good by doing well, especially when it comes to dogs!

Says the web site: "In keeping with its mission to initiate ways in which the community may profit, the company created Planet Dog Philanthropy in 2000 in order to fund creative and effective programs in three areas: the environment, animal welfare, and education. A percentage of annual profits from Planet Dog products will help fund Planet Dog Philanthropy, along with donations from both individuals and corporations. Planet Dog Philanthropy is about giving back and helping our earth, our animals and our children through inventive and progressive grantmaking. It is about generating knowledge, developing new solutions to problems and promoting activities that strengthen our communities."

Goals and Objectives include...

Increase awareness, interest and support of issues related to our environment, the well being of our animals, and the education of our children.

Promote activities that enhance and strengthen our communities.

Build partnerships with local, national, and global organizations from which to expand and augment Planet Dog Philanthropy’s mission.

Find out more about Planet Dog Grants. Have you received a grant from Planet Dog? Tell us about it!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Get Fido Friendly!

Get a subscription to FIDO FRIENDLY, the magazine entirely devoted to traveling with your dog!

Chewie and Ernie used to be in a featured column about RVing with dogs that was, sadly, discontinued. But we still highly recommend the publication, and they even put a Chihuahua on their latest cover so they can't be all bad!

Have you read FIDO FRIENDLY before? What did you think? Tell us here!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shout Out: Bandit in Lander, Wyoming

A shout out to Bandit in Lander, Wyoming! He was just
shaved and is wearing his mom's sweatshirt to stay warm.

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Tried and True Treatment

Sulfodene® has long been a product known as a good treatment for "hot spots" on dogs. I've used it for years on the dogs whenever they get mild abrasions or skin irritations.

What I didn't realize is that it contains some natural ingredients including:

  • citronella oil
  • thyme oil
  • commint oil
  • clove oil
  • echicnacea

Since I'm really into natural remedies both for myself and my dogs, it is nice to see these ingredients in a product that isn't marketed as "alternative."

I also didn't know they have ointment swabs - perfect for a doggie first aid kit. The 3-Way Ointment, according to marketing materials, treats wounds in three ways: preventing infection, aiding in pain relief and providing an insect/water/germ barrier to protect the injury while healing."

Have you used Sulfodene products on your pups? Tell us about it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pink leash, collar - help fight breast cancer

Gayle Martz, president of Sherpa’s Pet Trading Company, in conjunction with Debra Schatz of, has designed a pink leather dog collar with the signature pink ribbons adorning the circumference of the leather. A leash, with the pink ribbon charm is also available. Both will be available June 20th. Schatz started as a labor of love after her 1987 bought with cancer. The company devoted to designing and selling jewelry and gifts that increase awareness and raise money for breast cancer research.

Sherpa’s Pet Trading Company was founded by Gayle Martz who developed the first soft-sided pet carrier. Martz gives to numerous pet charities including the ASPCA and Humane Societies across the country. Schatz, owner, started after her bout with breast cancer. Schatz has worked with The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, to name just a few.

Both the collar and the leash will be available June 20th and will sell for $15 a piece. A portion of the proceeds will go to cancer research. To purchase the leash and collar go to

Shout Out: Josie and Augie, Cheyenne, WY

A shout out to our pals Josie and Augie in Cheyenne,

Congrats to their parents Michell and Wil who are
getting married in Mexico at the end of this month!

Send a digital photo of your dog(s) for a Shout Out!

Honest Kitchen: Organic, Human-Grade, Dehydrated Dog Food

Cyberchewie loves food from The Honest Kitchen, and so do I. When it comes to convenient food for travel, you can't beat their plastic buckets full of dehydrated healthy dog food.

Just add water and reconstitute the mixture.

Cyberchewie has tried both the Verve food which is ideal for adult maintenance and Force that does not contain any grains.

Check out these ingredients!

Verve is a combination of 100% human food grade organic rolled barley, organic rolled rye, beef, organic rolled oats, organic flaxseed, carrots, alfalfa, potatoes, eggs, spinach, red and green bell peppers, apples, chicory, parsley, cranberries, rosemary, peppermint, vitamins and minerals.

This food is made from 100% human food grade chicken, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, cabbage, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, apples, honey, alfalfa, kelp, yogurt, bananas, papayas, basil, garlic, rosemary, vitamins and minerals.

Go Shopping Now!

Has your dog tried this product? Tell us what you think!

Doggie Sleeping Bags

(this is not Cyberchewie or one of his brothers. just a doggie model.)

Perfect for those doggie slumber parties!

Actually, Cyberchewie uses one of these adorable mini dog sleepover bags from Bamboo Pet when we're RVing. He can lay on top or snuggle inside.

"Two durable bone chew toys are attached to entertain dogs while the bag is open.  Ventilation holes improve air circulation.  The sleeping bag unzips to lie flat, providing comfort and the recognizable scents of home for a roaming dog.  When not in use, the bag rolls up for easy storage and transportation."

Has your dog used this product? Tell us what you think!

SunFeather Dog Poo

SunFeather Natural Soap Company has an all-natural Pet Care line and recently added 2 new products:

SunFeather Dog Poo - The popular shampoo bar is now available in Liquid Form. Uses a natural blend of essential oils to repel fleas and other biting insects while cleansing your pet's scalp and coat.

SunFeather's Hot Spot's Pet Balm - special formula to ease itching and inflammation of minor skin sores. Created with essential oils known for fighting bacterial, fungal and parasitical infections with a blend of moisturizing oils and shea butter.

And check out their human products, too!

Have you or your dog used any of these products? Tell us about it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fetching Tags, Baby

fetching tags™ are handmade from super light-weight aircraft quality aluminum and stamped with dog-inspired taglines.  Twice as thick as ordinary i.d. tags, they're strong enough to keep your dog safely tagged for years to come.

Cyberchewie and Ernie have these cool tags - chunky and durable but very light.
Does your dog have one? Tell us about it.
Order one now!

Rescue Remedy - Reduce Doggie Stress

from a press release...Rescue Remedy® helps restore the system's emotional balance, providing owners with a gentle and effective approach for dealing with their animal's stress. The treatment is easy to use; simply place a few drops directly on the animal's tongue or in the water bowl or food, or use the new convenient spray form. Because it has no side effects, Rescue Remedy can be given as often as necessary, with no risk of side effects or overdose. The results are both immediate and dramatic.

"Rescue Remedy's use with animals is limitless," said Nancy Buono, national education manager of Nelson Bach USA, Ltd.   "It is essential when bringing an animal in for grooming or a check-up and helps calm their jittery nerves quickly. The new spray format is fantastic for animal usage; you can spray in the mouth or on pulse points for large animals.  For our feathered friends, spray directly under the wing."

Consumers can find Rescue Remedy® on the shelves of natural health food stores nationwide.

During the early 1930's, Dr. Edward Bach discovered the 38 Bach Flower Essences, dilutions of flowers, which balance different emotional states. He found that five of the essences: Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis had special energy properties to calm agitated emotions, creating an effective remedy for everyday stress.  This combination came to be known as Rescue Remedy.  Today, it's sold all over the world, and yet the mother tinctures are still made according to Dr. Bach's original methods, formulated over 70 years ago in England.

Bach Flower Essences and Rescue Remedy are distributed through Nelson Bach USA, Ltd., part of the Nelsonbach group based in London, England.

Nelsonbach has been manufacturing homeopathic medicines since 1860.  With over 140 years of solid homeopathic experience, they have earned the distinction of being a worldwide leader in their field.

For more information on Rescue Remedy®, the Bach Flower Essences and Nelsons Homeopathy, contact Nelson Bach USA at 1-800-319-9151 or visit

Have you tried Rescue Remedy with your dog? How did it work?

Sally Spicer Pet Carrier

Very chi-chi, indeed. Here's a great carry-on bag for the fashionista dog owner and fashion-conscious dog.

The Sally Spicer Pet Carrier (left) is airline friendly and meets all onboard regulations.  It features two inside pockets , leash attachment, a top zip closure and  a side mesh section with zip closure.  Comfortably hold s  a pet weighing 15 pounds or less.  $120-140 MSRP
The Sally Spicer Pet Tote (right) has one outside pocket, a buckle closure and leash attachment.  At 11” x 14” x 8,” it’s large enough to carry a dog or cat weighing 15 pounds or less.

Sally Spicer has been making high quality handbags and totes for baby, evening and everyday since 1999.  Her new Pet Line adheres to the same standards of quality construction, with Polyvinyl, waterproof lining and sealed seams. 

Sally Spicer pet-friendly products are available in 20+ fabrics – all the great patterns of her Spring/Summer 2005 Collection in store and at

Stray dog saves life of abandoned baby

Canine mother finds infant, brings her to join litter of puppies

Sayyid Azim / AP
The Associated Press
Updated: 3:25 p.m. ET May 10, 2005

NAIROBI, Kenya - A stray dog saved the life of a newborn baby after finding the abandoned infant in a forest and apparently carrying it across a busy road and through some barbed wire to her litter of puppies, witnesses said.

The stray dog found the infant, clad in tattered clothing, in a poor neighborhood near the Ngong Forests in the capital of Nairobi, Stephen Thoya told the independent Daily Nation newspaper.

The dog apparently found the baby Friday in the plastic bag in which the infant had been abandoned, said Aggrey Mwalimu, owner of the shed where the animal was guarding its puppies. The seven-pound, four-ounce infant was taken to the hospital for treatment on Saturday.

[Read More...]

Cool Company: Planet Dog

You can't beat Planet Dog for unique, durable, fun and useful products for your one and only dog!

from a press release:
Portland, Maine (February 2005) – Planet Dog is always looking for ways to develop unique, tail-wagging products with the environment in mind.  The creation of the new Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL and RecycleBONE demonstrates their commitment to making new toys, not waste.  The latest additions to the award-winning Orbee-Tuff toy collection are made from “regrind”, 100% first quality Orbee-Tuff material that would otherwise be discarded. 

“We don’t know of any other toy company that takes their leftover material and makes productive use of it,” states Alex Fisher, the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder.  “With so many of our top selling Orbee-Tuff toys out there, it is important for us to make them environment-friendly,” adds Fisher.

Planet Dog is proud to donate a percentage of their annual profits to Planet Dog Philanthropy (PDP), their non-profit grantmaking organization, to give back to the community through animal welfare, education and environmental initiatives. For more information, please visit:

Has your dog used any of their products? Tell us about it!

A 12-Month Checklist for Your Pet’s Well-Being

press release from Veterinary Pet Insurance

Dr. Peter Weinstein, VPI’s medical director, provides this 12-month checklist of effective care for your important furry family member:
JANUARY – Update Vaccinations
Start your pet’s year off on the right foot by doing a “Well Care Audit.” Make sure you know when and which Well Care Services your pet needs. Update vaccinations, including those for lyme disease, hepatitis, and rabies.
FEBRUARY – Celebrate Spay Day!
Have your dog or cat neutered or spayed. Animal overpopulation creates crowding in shelters and leads to the euthanasia of millions of pets each year. Celebrate the Doris Day Foundation’s Spay Day USA, a national campaign to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, on February 22, 2005.
MARCH – Spring Cleaning
Spring is right around the corner - clean up winter products, such as antifreeze and road salt, that can be harmful to your outdoor pet. “Anti-freeze contains a product that is sweet to the taste and thus quite palatable to dogs,” says Dr. Weinstein. “Unfortunately, it is also quite toxic to a dog’s kidneys.”
APRIL – Weight Watchers
Once the weather warms up, maintain your pet’s proper weight with exercise. Go outside for some fresh air after a long, cold winter indoors. According to research conducted by VPI, more than 40 percent of American pets are overweight. “Taking your dog for a brisk walk or jog at least twice a day can help you stick to your own New Year’s resolutions as well,” says Dr. Weinstein.
MAY - Flea and tick control
Flea and tick control is a must during warmer months when pets are spending more time outdoors. “Over the last ten years or so, flea and tick control has become so much easier,” indicates Weinstein. With the increasing spread of lyme disease, the need for better tick control is imperative.
JUNE - Microchip Your Pet
There is nothing more distressing than having a pet disappear. Having your pet micro-chipped is one way of helping to get your pet returned to you. Microchips are permanent identifiers injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. They will help you get your pet back in the unfortunate circumstance when they escape or disappear.
JULY – Prepare Pets for Travel
As more and more people travel during the summer so are pets who travel in planes, trains and automobiles with their owners. “Transporting your pet in your car can be a challenge when you have a 70-pound lab,” warns Weinstein. “Consider a dog crate or dog specific seat belt harness for your four-legged family member every time you get into the car.”
AUGUST - Heartworm Testing
Mosquitoes are omnipresent in most parts of the country and carry many diseases. Among these are West Nile Virus and heartworm disease. Heartworm is a disease that, if untreated, will eventually lead to death. Your pet should be heartworm tested and put on a preventive program appropriate to the region your pet lives in.
SEPTEMBER – Back to School is Not Just for Kids
For millions of students, September means back to school, but pet owners can also take advantage of this time of year and enroll their pet in a pet grooming school. With thousands of schools available across the country, pet owners can tame their naughty pets, which can help prevent unnecessary accidents later down the road.
OCTOBER - Cancer Screening
As in people, cancer is one of the most common causes of death. Success in treatment is dependent upon early diagnosis. For chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery to be most effective, the cancer must not have spread throughout the body. Your pet should have a thorough physical exam at least once a year.
NOVEMBER – Winter Weather Warnings
Cold weather, forced air heating, and shorter days takes a toll on pets. “Make sure you do what is needed to provide sufficient shelter from the elements,” says Weinstein. This can mean insulating an outside dog house or providing a jacket or booties. Also, adding fatty acid supplements to a diet can help a pet’s coat that is drying out.
DECEMBER – Spoil Your Pets, Safely!
A gift for your cat or dog should be fun and safe! Make sure you get the right size toy for them also. “The two-pound Nylabone might be a little difficult for the five-pound Yorkie,” says Weinstein. People food is not a gift for your pet but may be a gift for your vet. Finally, consider pet insurance for the gift that keeps on giving! For rates, visit .

Blue Dog Bakery: Low Fat Treats

press release:

Blue Dog Bakery Announces a New jumbo size package of NATURAL, LOW-FAT PREMIUM DOG BISCUITS

Delicious, Low Fat Alternatives to Help Dogs Control Their Weight
Seattle, WA (March 30, 2005) – Blue Dog Bakery is giving their customers what they’ve been howling for – new six-pound Jumbo Size packages of their Premium, All Natural, Low Fat Peanut Butter & Molasses Dog Biscuits and their new assorted More Flavors dog biscuits.  The new size of these 2 favorite varieties offers economy pricing and the convenience of shopping less often, and they’re eco-friendly because they reduce packaging.  To maintain freshness, each 6-pound box contains 6 individually sealed 1-pound pouches.  Ideal for households with multiple dogs, the suggested price for the new 6-pound box is $11.99. 
Even though their packages of natural low-fat dog biscuits are growing in size, Blue Dog Bakery’s goal is to help their four-legged customers get smaller.  “Pet obesity is an epidemic in America,” says Margot Kenly, President of Blue Dog Bakery.   “Since treats are a very important behavior tool for handling pets, the answer isn’t to abolish them to address weight management, it is to make them less fattening and a healthy part of a well-balanced diet,” says Kenly.  The National Research Council, an arm of the National Academies, estimated in a study last fall that as many as 25 percent of pets in the Western world are obese.

Find them at a store near you.

Has your dog tried these? Tell us what you think!

Three Dog Bakery

Dogs just love Three Dog Bakery!

Tasty treats made with human-grade quality ingredients - just for your dog!

Store locations allow you to bring your dog inside for a peek at the offerings.

Or shop online and load up your Shopping Basset.

Has your dog tried these treats? Tell us about it!


Taking a trip? Here's an invaluable resource for you!'s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide is a complete guide to all kinds of places where you can take your dog. This 544 page book is packed three columns wide with descriptions of dog-friendly accommodations, attractions, parks, beaches, and outdoor restaurants.

Designed specifically for dog lovers who would simply not enjoy a trip without their best friend this book covers the big cities and vacation spots in all regions of the United States and Canada. In Canada this book includes dog-friendly accommodations throughout Canada, City Guides for Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria and highway guides for the Trans-Canada Highway, Hwy 16, Hwy 401 and Hwy 20.

This book's lodging guide focuses on thousands of accommodations which have no weight limits for dogs and do not require your dog to stay in smoking rooms. You can really feel comfortable knowing your dog is truly welcome at these places. Pet fees are listed and the information is kept current by's free online book updates. Also included are Highway Guides showing you places to stop along twenty-five major Interstates so that you can easily find dog-friendly lodging for the night on long trips and a beach guide showing beaches that allow dogs.

The books author Tara Kain founded ( in 1998 in order to help people find places to go with their dogs. offers a free online collection of thousands of dog-friendly places.'s mission is to find places that allow well-behaved dogs. Also on the website are dog-friendly events, a dog photo gallery with photos and stories of hundreds of dogs and a regular newsletter about things of interest to people who travel with their dogs.

Have you used this book for travel? Tell us what you think!

Favorite Reads: The Bark

You can't beat Bark magazine for quality writing, gorgeous photos, and overall unmatched coverage of dog culture.

According to their web site: "The Bark brings readers a literate and entertaining approach to canine culture through essays, stories, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork. The Bark offers fresh viewpoints on emerging social and behavioral issues, ideas on health, recreation and activism - while focusing on the relationship between humans and dogs."

Have you read this magazine? Tell us what you think!

Fidogear Rules!

Cyberchewie - along with Ernie and Pancho Villa - all have custom made fleece coats made by the talented folks at Fidogear.

We also have a few of their handy Roll Bowls - awesome for outdoors activities like hiking, camping and picnics.

Has your dog tried these products? Tell us about all about it!