Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Guiness dog-walking record attempt

From a press release:
Guiness dog-walking record attempt at nation's largest animal sanctuary

 (08/02/2005) - There will be one stalwart young man and 25 -- yes 25 -- dogs strolling the grounds of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (www.bestfriends.org) on Thursday, Aug.  11 in attempt to set the Guiness World Record for most dogs walked at one time.

This momentous occasion will be documented by videographers and photographers, and interested onlookers. Regardless of the outcome, the attempt is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Such an important event could not be left to chance. The most seasoned dog-walker in Manhattan can't hold a candle to our John Garcia. John is one of the staff who care for the approximately 650 dogs who live at Best Friends.

The walk will begin promptly at 8 a.m. and end once the dogs and John cross the finish line of 5/8ths-mile path.  The rest of the dogs will be in their outside play areas, barking to cheer John and his canine crew on towards their goal.

"Since there is no record at the moment, if a few of the dogs bail, we will still be victorious. They said as long as 11 dogs cross the finish line, the record will be ours," John said.