Thursday, August 11, 2005

from a press release, has launched a new website that allows pet owners to monitor their pets from any computer, at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

To utilize this free service, pet owners need only a basic home computer, internet access, and a web camera to serve as a monitoring system. With a monitoring system in place, pet owners can watch real time video of their pet from any location that has a computer with internet access and a web browser by logging into was founded by Bill Appleton, who was intrigued by how many of his co-workers would use their lunch hour to run home and check on their pets. “Now pet owners can check on their pet from work or while on the road, which makes them feel much more comfortable about leaving their pet home alone,” says Appleton, who plans on adding audio to so owners can also communicate with their pets while away. can be set up to watch both indoor and outdoor pets, including farm animals. In addition to the monitoring service, allows members to store pictures, keep a reminder list for their pet’s appointments and other needs, access pet care tips and articles, and receive special promotions for pet related products.

NOTE: Personally, I cannot access the web site because it isn't detecting that I have Flash 7, but it does look like a cool site and service.